A Lost Booklet

Inside the front panel is affixed a small notice, informing the finder that this diary is the property of one Marvin Nibb, 21 Maplehurst Lane, Youngstown, Ohio. The cover is embossed with designs in imitation gold leaf. Covering the first several pages is writing, usually in the same black ink, and a few scuff marks from when the pen has accidentally hit the page.

~~~~ The Diary of Marvin Nibb ~~~~

Tuesday: A day without rest.

I spoke to the trees this afternoon. They seemed to think I should be looking for another solution, but by God I'll prove them wrong.

Sitting in the park was, as usual, invigorating. I broke into a run as I was leaving and nearly knocked over an old couple at the gate. What freedom, to run!

Wednesday: I sprained an ankle.

That about says it. I went to the doctor and somberly told him of the circumstance; later I thought I might do some shopping. I didn't, heading instead for the fields to pick a few grass blades and bask in the redolent aroma of spring.

At dinner I thought about what the trees had said, and I was ashamed. I swore to make it up to them. They were only trying to help.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll stop by and drop off some finery or tidbit; that should be good.

Thursday: My ankle was inflamed.

I stopped by the trees today, still reticent and uncertain. They were more calm than usual, so it went well.

I think that they may have been partly right when I spoke to them on Tuesday; at least my intuition tells me that I may have been overlooking something. When I was there today I enjoyed the warm air and thought about taking a vacation.

Friday: Took a trip.

It's Monday already; I've only just arrived back from a splendid weekend. After writing my entry on Thursday I was seized with such an irresistible whim that I took off at the moment for the mountains.

I brought along a camera and a small notebook but, goodness me, I was so overwhelmed by the occasion that the notebook entirely escaped my mind.

Halfway up the mountain I ran into some poor chap who had sprained his ankle as well, and I thought it quite funny at the time; especially as my ankle had apparently healed very quickly. That evening I was somewhat less glad, and regretted not helping the fellow down, because I had forgotten my flashlight in the car; I had a devil of a time preparing my tent for the night, and when I was done fell off to sleep like a log.

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