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A Letter 06/13/2002
Handwritten and signed, left in a seat back pocket on American Airlines flight 1103 from Chicago to Seattle.
The Holy Dream Projector 12/08/2001
What is this horrific creation that haunts my palate? Last night I, strapped into the holy dream projector, came to realize...
Casablanca 12/07/2001
A world of truly inconceivable things: one, the notion of escape from Casablanca, whose terrible linear tendencies would hold me...
Thisbe Sleeps 12/07/2001
2 p.m. came fast and the strait-jacket wasn't helping my driving.
Interpol in Spring 12/07/2001
Interpol in spring: we inhale the tangy aroma of international mandate; we set aside our differences in the concurrent investigative bustle....
Lessons in Authoritarian Dialogue 12/07/2001
I spoke in riddles, and this proved useful.
Untitled 12/07/2001
Several more words.
A Lost Booklet 12/07/2001
Inside the front panel is affixed a small notice, informing the finder that this diary is the property of one Marvin Nibb, 21 Maplehurst Lane, Youngstown, Ohio.
Purgatory 12/07/2001
Until I understood the import of my descent into the ineffable purgatory of 24-hour convenience, the wandering striations upon each hand...
Opportunism in Modern Narration 12/07/2001
As is still my habit, I would devote any free time during the day to the recital of sonnets and other worthwhile pursuits.
Poem #2136 12/07/2001
Several words combined.
Poem #99 12/07/2001
Dystopian fantasies will get you nowhere.